Handyman Services

In Carlisle

From creating bespoke planters, fencing and relaying patios to completing garden clear-outs and car park upkeep. From building decking and constructing Summer houses & laying laminate flooring. To small jobs like repairing bathroom doors or flat-pack furniture assembly; I can help with my Handyman Services.


Garden Maintenance & Improvement HandyMan Services

Maintaining your garden can be a challenge and sometimes you need an extra hand. Whether It’s for a simple tidy or you need something built. I would love to help you.

Garden Clear Out

Sometimes you just need to have a good garden clear out! I genuinely love being in amongst it all tying gardens to look tip-top. Sadly I can’t take away your rubbish, but I am happy to fill bags or skips for you.

Patio Care

If you have a patio, then you will know after a few years they can look a little sad and damaged. Over time slabs can move or crack and the pointing can come loose. Pressure washing and Repointing can bring life back to your patio area!


Shed Improvements

Over time, our use of sheds can make them twist and bend making doors not fit and roofs leak. Or maybe you just need an extra storage solution. Let me help cure all the issues and improve your garden buildings.


New builds

From Log sheds to summer houses. Simple Sheds to bespoke planters. Outside joinery is what I utterly adore to create making your garden work for you.

Property Maintenance & Improvement HandyMan Services

It’s always the little jobs that get left till never. Property Maintenance is key to a functioning home for you or for your tenant, if you’re a landlord. Even if its just dealing with the struggle of flat pack furniture assembly!

Thankfully I’m the weird guy who likes all those little jobs and flat pack is a breeze in IKEA!

The Small Fixes

Small fixes are something we always forget to do until there’s so many of them it’s now a big fix! I’m happy to get a list of small jobs for you and tick them off one by one. From new locks on doors to fixing kitchen drawers & Sofa legs.

Storage Solutions

Need some extra storage? Ild love to help you organise your house or room. Let’s have a chat and see what we can do!


Flat Pack

I genuinely get excited when I have flat pack to build. why not see If I can help assemble your furniture?


Commercial Work HandyMan Services

I’m also available for commercial work and labouring. Not being work-shy I have worked for builders, joiners and plasterers in my spare time over the years. Alongside my own skillset helping fellow businesses in the local Carlisle area.

Commercial small Fixes

Small fixes and problems can get in the way of serving customers or reaching the quality your establishment wants to achieve. I would love to help you reach your goals and fix all those niggling small problems.

Commercial hard landscaping

Does your Cafe or Beer Garden need some love? I have built my bespoke planters and seating areas for commercial properties alongside cleaning up and fencing off areas for non-public separation.

Carpark Clean Up

Car parks can get overgrown quickly. From hedges overgrowing, to the grass verge slowly moving across the car park. I’m happy to give it a clean up as a one-off or as a regular clean up.


I love lifting heavy stuff and hard graft, weird I know! I’m happy to be mixing cement and bringing it to you so you can work quickly and efficiently as a team effort to get the job done. I’m also happy to just bring you materials as and when you need.


Bespoke Large Planter

A 6M bespoke planter with a 1.3M seated area.

Bespoke Made ‘Catio’

Nell’s cat Whispurr was a rescue and so wasn’t allowed outside for her own safety. Nell wanted a ‘Catio’ so they could both be outside with no escape for Whispurr while Nell works away.

Brand New Fence

When I first saw this fence, it was hardly connected to the floor and was falling over. A complete rebuild with no panel insight was made to create a simple but effective secure fencing with a bespoke made garden gate as well.

About ME

As you can tell, my name is Josh, and I’m actually a wedding photographer.

That said, While I never had the intention to become a Carlisle Handyman, with the pandemic my business has suffered some big hits so I’m turning my DIY skills and using my Handyman skills to help others with my new Handyman Services venture.

Doing this allows me to keep my photography clients at the focus of my work whilst being able to create and work for others like yourself in the quiet times.

I have always loved DIY and building. I once told my school teacher that “I don’t need school, I want to be a digger man, and I know how to dig!”.

Throughout my teenage years and now adult years I have always been very hands-on with helping my friends and family with handyman services and work around their gardens and houses. This just seemed to be the best direction for me and my work to head into in these testing times.

I can honestly talk for ages about it all but for now, have a look at my website and if I can help you with your needs then please do contact me about my Handyman Services Carlisle.


The Garden Shop

Small Planters - From £60

Small Planters are ideal for your patio or garden, they can be used to conceal smaller pots which you don’t like or for a complete replant. Made from treated wood and lined for extra protection. Most people opt for the above octagon design which I think looks great!

Large Bespoke Planter - From £600

At the start of lockdown, I built my own bespoke 10M planter, with a seat. From there I have been asked to build several Large Bespoke Planters like the one above!

Perfectly fitting to your wants and needs built with fully treated wood and lined for extra protection.

Large Simple Planter - From £400

If you’re after a simple, but large, planter for your garden or patio then this is the perfect solution. Built with fully treated wood and lined for extra protection.

My large planters also have a fake bottom, meaning you can have an impressively large modern planter without needing to fill it full of soil!

Heavy Duty Compost Bin - From £175

Compost bins are usually quite small and flimsy. Not this Heavy Duty Compost Bin! Made from treated timber it can withstand the weather and air your compost perfectly whilst remaining good to look at and not a black box at the end of the garden.

A gas piston can also be added to aid listing the lid and keeping it in position while you fill it. whilst the bottom door has a latch to also keep the door open whilst shovelling!



Josh built me a catio so that my indoors only cat could enjoy some fresh air safely and securely. He did a great job, it’s lovely to be able to have the back door open and not worry. It’s a space we can both enjoy and doubles as a craft space for me with proper daylight.


Josh came very quickly to the house and looked at the jobs that we had for him. He then arranged to come and carry out the work. We had two doors that needed locks and a kitchen drawer that needed strengthened and renewed. All work was carried out to a great standard at a very reasonable cost. We would certainly use Josh again.


Please be Aware that as it currently stands, I am unavailable for new projects and ongoing contracts

As said before this is my backup business for when lockdowns are happening. With the current plans in place, and my current bookings for Handyman work, Im sorry to say that I am fully booked. 

Thank you for understanding.

Joshua Wyborn

15 Irthing Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 2BB